Brian L. Smith, "3ds Max 2010 Architectural Visualization (Advanced to Expert)"
2009 | EPUB | 800 pages | ISBN: 0979281121 | English | 31 MB
Entitled 3ds Max Architectural Visualization " Advanced to Expert, this book will be a collection of self-contained chapters, written by dozens of industry experts. The goal of this book is to take readers from an advanced level to an expert level by providing a straight-forward discussion of difficult subject matter not available anywhere else.

This book is the follow-up companion to the book entitled book 3ds Max 2009 Architectural Visualization " Intermediate to Advance. That book was written primarily for users familiar with architectural visualization and is designed to take advanced 3ds Max users to the expert level; not just by teaching more advanced features but also by teaching practical application and time-saving techniques of the tools covered in our 3ds Max 2008 Architectural Visualization " Beginner to Intermediate.

Having taught 3ds Max for many years now, we can say with some degree of authority that one of the biggest problems 3ds Max users have when seeking instruction in the visualization industry is gauging their own skill level accurately enough to find an appropriate class. An even greater problem, however, is that there is just not much real-world instruction to be found at the intermediate and advanced levels. And, there are practically no reference materials tackling the advanced issues in architectural visualization. One of the goals of this book was to help any type 3D architectural visualizer; no matter which professional level they are in.

Like the Beginner to Intermediate and our Intermediate to Advance title, this book has been published by CGschool. This gave us complete control over every facet of its design and structure. We spared no expense in printing the highest quality book, both in terms of physical appearance and technical instruction. Just as we did with our other titles, in this book we went to great lengths to simplify the instruction. But unlike our other titles, which focused on explaining the technical side of 3ds Max, Advanced to Expert is geared towards teaching expert techniques to use with the program. It is assumed that by choosing this title, you have progressed beyond the fundamentals and are at least familiar with all the tools that top production firms use everyday. Although this book should provide insight to a wealth of new features that you may not yet have stumbled upon, it will also build upon many of the features that you should already be familiar with by teaching great techniques with which to implement those features in a production environment.

Contents at a Glance

About the Project Manager
About the Lead Editor
About the Contributing Editors
About the Lead Technical Reviewer
About the Authors
About the Front Cover Image

PART 1 Color and Composition
CHAPTER 1 Color Management
CHAPTER 2 Composition

PART 2 Materials
CHAPTER 3 Advanced mental ray Shaders
CHAPTER 4 Advanced Unwrapping
CHAPTER 5 Texture Painting
CHAPTER 6 Physically Based Materials

PART 3 Lighting
CHAPTER 7 Exposure Lighting Analysis Tools
CHAPTER 8 Render to Texture
CHAPTER 9 Advanced mental ray Lighting

PART 4 Animation
CHAPTER 10 reactor
CHAPTER 11 Particle Systems
CHAPTER 12 Rigging

PART 5 Workflow
CHAPTER 13 Revit Integration
CHAPTER 14 Advanced Poly-Modeling
CHAPTER 15 Managing Large-Scale Projects

PART 6 Post Production
CHAPTER 17 Camera Matching
CHAPTER 18 Green Screening
CHAPTER 19 Digital Compositing
CHAPTER 20 Video Editing

APPENDIX A Cloth Modifier
APPENDIX B Gallery of Images

3ds Max 2010 Architectural Visualization (Advanced to Expert)

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