3 in 1 Pregnancy System by Tracey Mallett
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Genre: Fitness / Video Training

The complex 3 in 1 is designed for pregnant women who want to achieve strength and flexibility, which subsequently facilitate the process of delivery. It is also ideal for new mothers who want to lose pounds accumulated during pregnancy and gain strength to care for a growing baby. In complex 3 in 1 Tracy, a physician's approval, unique combination of Pilates, yoga, and depth of the muscles, creating an easy and smooth workout. The program focuses on a number of exercises that will help relieve the tension in the upper and lower back, at the same time preparing the corset muscles by the time the baby.

You securely fasten legs, thighs, buttocks and arms and be able to maintain flexibility during and after pregnancy. program: warm-up and exercises for muscle corset for 22 minutes. exercises for the lower body: 14 min. exercises for the upper body: 14 min. Bonus stretching with a partner for 10 minutes. Equipment needed: light dumbbells, a chair and a towel.

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