Dan Kennedy & Bill Glazer - Unedited Superconference 2010
19 DVDs (MP4) + 24 CDs (MP3s) | 18.12 GB

This was the recently conducted 3 day Dan Kennedy Superconference 2010.
This pack includes 19 DVDs, all of them are in MP4 format. It also includes 24 CDs, all of which are in MP3 format.
These are the UNEDITED versions that were only available to Superconference attendees. The content was delivered primarily by Dan and Bill.

The DVD videos include the following:

1 and 2 Dan Kennedy Advanced Marketing
3 Lee Milteer Productivity
4 Mike Koenigs Social Media
5 Bill Glazer Cash Copy Clinic
6 Ari Galper Beat Competition
7 Rob Berkley Life of your Dreams
8 Gareth Owen Local Business Marketing (this one is excellent)
9 Bill Glazer FAST Speed
10 Bill Glazer Advanced Resources
11 Dan Kennedy Information Marketing
12 Harry Dent Next Great Boom
13 Dan Kennedy Million Dollar Lessons
14 Bill Glazer 7 Instant Business Boosters
15 Russell Brunson Make Money Online 1
16 Russell Brunson Making Money Online 2
17 Bill Glazer Outrageous Examples
18 Dan Kennedy Making Them Believe
18 Dan Kennedy Making Them Believe

The MP3s have a similar outline but there are 24 of them.

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