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Thread: [Ebook] - Printers and Press Freedom

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    [Ebook] - Printers and Press Freedom

    Printers and Press Freedom
    Oxford University Press, USA | May 24, 1990 | ISBN-10: 0195064739 | 248 pages | File type: PDF | 12.6 mb

    In the United States, the press has sometimes been described as an unoffical fourth branch of government, a branch that serves as a check on the other three and provides the information necessary for a democracy to function. Freedom of the pressguaranteed but not defined by the First Amendment of the Constitutioncan be fully understood only when examined in the context of the political and intellectual experiences of 18th-century America. Here, Jeffery A. Smith explores how Madison, Franklin, Jefferson, and their contemporaries came to see liberty of the press as a natural and vital part of a democratic republic. Drawing on sources ranging from political philosophers to court records and newspaper essayists, Printers and Press Freedom traces the development of a widespread conception of the press as necessarily exempt from all government restrictions, but still liable for the defamation of individuals.

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