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Thread: Structural design files for Visualizer

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    May i have some information for you:

    XML code
    The .dae collada file is based on XML. So after exporting your model to a Collada file, you can (and need) to edit it with your favorite text or xml editor and add a printable_area tag (marked in bold):

    <technique profile="EAVIS">
    <printable_area id="print_area1"


    As with all Collada extensions, the printable_area tag is enclosed in an <extra> and a <technique> tag. Our printable_area tag should be the last tag in the <visual_scene> tag.

    As you can see the printable_area refers to a front material and a back material. This is how you select what parts of the model are printable: Visualizer will apply print modeling to all the parts in the Collada file that use one of these materials mentioned in this tag. These values are material id’s (without the quotes). So you might need to have a look at the <library_material> tag to check what material id to use (in this example the material is material_id.

    <material id="material_id" name="material_name">
    <instance_effect url="#effect_id"/>

    hsizemm, vsizemm
    To make sure the PDF data is mapped correctly on the 3D model, the printable area also defines a flat representation (<flatrep>). Currently we only support a rectangle. The rectangle has a physical size (hsizemm and vsizemm, values are in millimeters). In Visualizer, this rectangle will be used to clip the artwork before it applied to the shape. You can choose the size of this rectangle. It should be large enough to include all the print, but not unnecessarily large (that would reduce the resolution). For more information on this, see the section below on UV mapping.

    So, for now, i can import afterwards this 3D-model in Studio Designer, but i even don't know how to get the printable area, which i've defined in Cinema 4D as a shader (blinn or phong). I can see the model but i can't put a label on it.
    What is wrong here? Does anybody know an answer for that?

    Best regards.

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