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Thread: organizer / contract / bills software

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    organizer / contract / bills software


    i am searching for best software, for contract imput, organizer of work...
    Now we are using our own software that we programmed but it is very buggy...

    Do anybody in graphic firm uses some programs for workflow organization...
    In attachement i am sending you screenshots of our program - it is in Slovenian language...

    sorry for my bad english :)

    Thank you, Jure
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    I have developed my own program for use for PRINT only have PRINANCE but is in english and i don´t understand it.

    Your program i see very good is more powerfull than my program sure!!.

    I developed module: Clients, Budgets, Shipments and Invoices. If you want i can show you is in spanish and is PHP, JAVASCRIPT, MYSQL.

    I use for manage all my works with price, date, paper, size, inks, etc.

    See you and nice work.

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