I was just surfing the formun and found a user whose name was Ana Karenina, so I decided to ask you all what kind of non-design/technical/typography books do you read?

Personally, I like novels. Here are some of the ones I liked the best:
- Pale Fire (V. Nabokov)
- Ana Karenina (yes I also loved that one - L. Tostoi)
- RevelaciĆ³n de un mundo (of a Brazilian writer named Clarice Lispector, I don't know if there is an English translation)
- Surely some of the autobiographical work of Amelie Nothomb (Ni Eve ni d'Adam, Antichrista, Sabotaje Amoroso, etc.)
- L'etranger (A. Camus)

Just some of them I could think of...

On the other hand I tried reading V (by Thomas Pinchon) and was absolutely impossible to me to go on reading it and make a sense o whatever the text meant!

Anyway, what about your choices over here?