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Thread: Useful Shortcuts/Actions You Have Assigned

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    Post Useful Shortcuts/Actions You Have Assigned

    Actions save time. Time is essential in graphic design. What actions have you assigned that you've found useful?

    Mine is assigning F2 in Illustrator to Select -> Inverse -> Select -> Inverse. So when I click on one single point of a path with the direct selection tool, press F2, and the double inverse causes it to select every single point of that path. It disregard the group and selects only one object of that group. Useful for duplicating paths into groups, and not having to ungroup stuff in General. Also for touching up stray paths. Click that one point of a path, press F2, and select/move/delete/isolate the selected path. Pretty nifty, what do you think?

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    Question: is that any different than holding down the option key (while running Illustrator on a Mac, at any rate) when you use the direct selection tool on the path? When one does that, it selects the full path from just a single point regardless of whether the object is in a larger group or not. If this is the same effect that you are trying to achieve with the F2 cued select inverse x2 action, then just holding that option key when you click on a point seems faster, since there's no need to press another key after clicking once.

    Is there another application of that double inverse action that makes it necessary?

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    f5 in photoshop flattens an image.. there is probably a shortcut to do the same but I am not aware.

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