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Thread: Updating A Logo

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    Updating A Logo

    So i've had my logo now for a year and a half and it's done a job. I have now grown out of it (even though others still say it's good). Is it a big risk changing it... or should I just go for it... It's better now than in 5 years time!?



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    Please show us your new logo :)

    Thanks !

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    Change is good.

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    Rebranding is fine - as long as it has a purpose. Sometimes a new look can get you out of a creative rut or a business that has been dry. I say go for it!

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    Try testing

    Hi Jonathon,

    If you're in doubts try to make A/B testing of new logo. Just make some simple ads changing only logo and launch AdWords campaign, for example. You'll see results very quick.

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    I think change is always good but if you have an established brand, something consistent from the previous logo might be good, too. Apple comes to mind.

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    I am helping a friend with their family business logo and what I have learned from the experience is....
    Change CAN be good or BAD depending on the company & how familiar people are with them.... I've seen logo changes by popular brands which ruined business for them because people didn't like the change, didn't like the feel of the new look. However, change can freshen up a business and give a whole new vibe which people might love. It really all depends on the company.
    The other thing is that (and this also depends on several factors) sticking to a similar logo as the original one is often --but not always !-- a good idea....
    And... Keep it simple ! and you can't go wrong...
    One last thing. I have seen people create little surveys to post on Facebook or on forums like this where they give people a few logo designs and ask them to vote on a favorite... This gives you some valuable feedback and can be a learning lesson on what others prefer.
    Good luck! :)

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    there is a difference between redesign and new design! if you have well know brand that people love - smart thing would be to redesign it - give it a little facelift, maybe clean it up a bit - remove some outdates effects / shadows / ornaments. but - in general it should stay the same, so people still recognise it when they see it (it did few redesigns of old, well known brands - they all turned out great - people saw them as their old brands, just freshened up).
    if it's not a known brand & logo is not good to begin with - change it all you need, it can only get better and more noticed ;)

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