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Thread: Speed up Prepress to print workflow

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    Talking Speed up Prepress to print workflow

    Hi all, I'm hoping to speed up my prepress dept workflow. What is the best file format to ask my customers to supply they're artwork in.
    Any help is much appreciated.

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    PDF is the standard used in Graphic Industry... You should ask for that... it's definitely quicker than native file format such as InDesign/Xpress.

    Ask for PDF/X

    Hope that helps

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    PDF/X is the print standard for PDF documents.

    PDF/X1a: CMYK plus spot colors, transparencies are flattened

    PDF/X3: CMYK plus spot colors, RGB color and ICC based color. For color managed workflows. Transparencies are flattened.

    PDF/X4: CMYK plus spot colors, RGB color and ICC based color. Can contain live tranparencies and layers. For color managed workflows using Adobe PDF Print Engine to process live tranparencies and layers.

    To speed up the workflow look at upgrading the RIPs computer. You can investigate making smaller PDFs by changing compression settings etc but then the files will not be PDF X compliant.

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