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Thread: Print Shop Redesign/construction

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    Post Print Shop Redesign/construction

    I have recently moved from a small in house printshop to a much bigger printshop, with a new company, and have been given the opportunity to redesign the printshop.

    Unfortunately equipment is not going to be a priority right now. What I am looking to do is make it visually impactive, increase the efficiency, employee moral, etc.

    First thing I am thinking is get rid of the cheap industrial tiling that scuffs, stains, and cracks and replace it with something that is much more appealing and a break strength of 750lbs+. I have ignored the idea of carpet, even if it is static free.

    Second would be the walls, not sure what color they started as but right now they are this yellowish brown color, sure from what ever fires and smoking and other chemicals that have been released. I have been thinking an egg shell color would be good, for employee mood and would not interfere with viewing the final print jobs.

    The third plan is lighting, I was thinking about some sort of LED overhead lighting, I know maintenance resists replacing the florescent s as often as they should and it affects they colors of the job and can be harsh on the eyes.

    Fourth is furniture, storage space and equipment placement and redesign. I think I have this licked with creating shelving and cabinets underneath the finishing/binding workspace.

    But what am I missing, what critics, advice do others have? Thanks
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