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Thread: In prepress since 1991

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    Cool In prepress since 1991

    My name is Klovis and I work with prepress since 1991.
    I can help anybody in several issues regard prepress and color management.
    Thank you all!

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    Since 1991? That is awesome! You definitely have seen the evolution of the beast.

    What would say has been the greatest improvement in prepress because of advancing technology?

    What are 5 things you wish someone would have told you about prepress that you had to learn on your own?

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    Angry answer the question!!!

    интересно ведь ))

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    HI everybody!

    Well, I think we had some great improvements.
    When I started working, several people was using conventional film and I started direct with imagesetter. We had great improvements in software and hardware.
    In hardware I would say that CTP were definitely the greatest improvement.
    In sofware I think it was ink pre-setting and GMG Colorserver/Colorproof/Opencolor.

    About things that I learned by my own, I can say that 80% of my knowledge I learned reading and practicing.

    Thank you for your question!

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    first quation
    how to apply Quartz 2d for imac - or any prepress interface
    second quation
    if you have plz any books for flexo and rotogravure printing
    third quation
    and the an important one hope to work with art pro higher than 7.5

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