Hey guys!

I own a JETi 3312 Solvent RTR printer. It's a 126" (I think they call it grand format) printer and it has it's own computer running a fedora distro with Gandi software on it.

I recently had to replace the computer I was using to rip files for the printer and I'm still troubleshooting lots of things.

For example - since I own a dongle for ONYX 7.0.2b - I was able to run ver. 7.3 with no problems using the dongle, but the OML profiles I had won't work. I manage to import them, but the output is awful.
I managed to get ONYX 10 up and running an another PC - I posted my experience here:

And it kinda works, but misses a couple things + there are a few bugs.

Now - just to be clear - I don't own a color meter so I guess what I'm actually looking for is some kind(or should I say ANY kind) of color profiles for my machine.

Does anybody know how could I obtain those? The ONYX Printer & Profile Download Manager finds nothing for my machine.

Any help will be highly appreciated.