hi guys im new to this forum i downloaded a torrent and in the text doc it guided me here

i downloaded onyx production house 10

now the download i got was a bit random kept giving me error and it was a set of folders within an iso within an iso and so on instead of just an iso image ready to burn

i managed to get the install to run by double mounting the iso's and extracting the files/folders. i got the software loaded but then wanted the usb key inserting.

unfortunately there was no tut guide to installing and setting up the software so im at a loss can anyone help please

further information:

i am new to these printers but not clueless to the technology i have purchased an old zhong ye xaar zy 72" wide format printer to restore and refurbish but having a few issues finding the rip software to work on it hence the download im talking about i do have the print mon designed for this printer that will only read prn files and prt or something only 2 formats. this is where i am at help is needed lol