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Thread: Need help on Ergosort handling three or four Mimaki Plotters

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    Need help on Ergosort handling three or four Mimaki Plotters

    The title speaks by itself. Can anyone help or has a simlar case? I Don´t know what I need to do so. A different license/edition? Mine is supposed to do so, but when I connect two plotters at the same time, it just doesn't work, I need to finish one printing job before starting another.

    Plotters: Mimaki JV33
    RIP: Ergosoft PosterPrint

    I've heard about using a so called "Rip Server", but still, my eyes go blank.

    Thanks (sorry if a newbie, or wannabe question, I hope no one gets mad)

    and Plz let me know if I Posted this in the wrong section, so I can move it
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