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Thread: Mutoh Falcon Color RJ800

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    Mutoh Falcon Color RJ800

    Mutoh Falcon Color RJ800

    Anyone with experience on this printer?

    I am after a piezo inkhead printer becase I want to print in other materials such as fabric , vinyl , etc.

    There is a guy here selling one very cheap because ink heads are clogged , now...
    I understand that this uses Epson piezo electric ink heads with eco solvent inks (not sure) There is almost no info on the internet about this machine , I was lucky to get to download the user manual but it does not go into those details.

    Any comments? Anyone that has experience that can tell me if I should buy it and try to repair it? Is it worth the risk?

    Thank you very much!!

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    Falcon CAD

    If you are sure of this code (could be RJ8000), the printer is Mutoh solution for CAD office. On this printer, you will not able to print from any RIP software. And you will not able to prin on smaller roll than 38inch.

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