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Thread: Logo disappeared

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    Logo disappeared

    Anyone else run into this issue?

    Client sent in a file that contained a newspaper logo. We proofed client approved, we plated and printed. Client emails a few days after they get the job and say a logo disappeared, but was on the original file.

    We investigate and find the logo only thing is we didn't see it. We view everything in "output preview mode" in Acrobat Pro. The logo actually appears if you do not have the output preview on. So needless to say we never seen the logo. All that printed was a rectangle blue bar.

    In your opinion what is the best course of action to take with the client?

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    a similar thing happened to me too. In my case there was a small logo that was white on a green background but there was the overprint active on it, the risult was that the logo disappeared. We printed the brochure and when we gave to the client, he gave us all the material back. Was not our fault and was wrong on the proof too, but was hard to make him understand that, because on his computer and with his printer everything was ok. So also if wasn't our fault we had to print everything again, was not a big job, but to keep the client we had to do it.

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