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Thread: Latex Printers (HP,Mimaki)

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    Latex Printers (HP,Mimaki)

    Any using a latex printer?
    Want to know how good are they and if much better than Eco-Sol.

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    i am using a hp designjet l25500. nice print results but it takes a lot of time for heating up and therefore it takes a lot of time when you start a job and the printer starts printing. the latex isn't so green it should be because this printer needs more power than usually.

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    My experience with an HP-Scitex LX600.

    Aprox. 2 min to start printing and 4 to finish, this time is taken to prepare and finish the media.

    Can't compare to eco-solvent, but comparing to Solvent ou UV inks, latex are much more scratch sensitive, so much that we laminate almost everything.

    Appart from the ink technology, and regarding the LX600.
    You can do wonderful prints with this printer, but... it can also fill you with frustration.

    MAJOR CONCERNS (i will go as far as call them design flaws)

    Color registration between colors
    You have to find the right values to registrate blocks of heads, you do this aligning the K with M. The printer software has an option to do this, but... the option is very limited to start with and you can't get perfect registration across the media.

    Transport system
    The printer has the OMAS (Optical Media Advance Sensor), that should give you a great level of accuracy on the media advance, unfortunately it doesn't apear to work that well.. when it doesn't the prints appear grainier and some times you can even se the misalignment on (the same print head/color) because of this feeding problem.

    All this problems might be caused by the high temperature needed to cure the inks, some medias go very well (ie. 3M IJ20, calendered monomeric) others, more sensitive to temperature (ie. 3M IJ170, cast vinyl) are MUCH more dificult to use.

    My experience tells me something like this.

    Width larger than 60"
    dificult to drive the media, print head touches the media, more pr to have density diferences across the media

    Width smaller than 40"
    More pr to have problems with the advance.

    My advise...
    Try to find the media that gives you less problems, find the best settings (depending on the media and on its width) and try to stick with the settings, if you start to change the settings all the time.. you will have a nightmare.

    This all cames from my experience on more than 2 years with this printer, but.. some friends of mine (on a different company) have the same opinion... they don't even print anything larger than 60" width. Nobody in my company, or theirs.. likes the printer..

    This is the most unpredictable printer i've worked with.. Latex might be a great technology.. but not with this printer.

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    the eco-solvent is much more, dont have comparsion

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