Energy Elite
:Energy Elite is a no-bake thermal plate designed for today’s press environment; offering full compatibility with alcohol free and alcohol replacement founts, as well as UV inks, without the need for baking.
Key benefits

Eliminate the need to bake. The space savings and energy savings associated with a no-bake thermal plate are considerable.
Durable performance. The Agfa developed double layer coating system ensures durability on-press as well as good chemical/solvent resistance.
:Energy Elite is suited for high quality imaging and printing.
Consistency: Because it is such a robust plate it will perform with predictable consistency across a range of different press conditions. :Energy Elite will tolerate substantial variations in exposure and processing with minimal noticeable effect on the final print.
Performance: Typical run lengths at unbaked commercial web users are in the region of up to 350,000. Baking can increase this run length by 50-100%. Under UV conditions, an unbaked :Energy Elite can achieve up to 100,000 copies.