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Thread: Intuos4 parameters

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    Intuos4 parameters [solved]

    Hello everybody,
    i just bought the Intuos4, i found it really intuitive, i've never used a graphic tablet before and now i can't get back to mouse when i work on graphics programs.
    I have some questions about the Intuos4, please be patient i'm a beginner, under OS Windows 7 64bit

    1. To connect/disconnect the tablet it's enough to plug in/out the USB cable? Or as usual in Windows externals devices need to be disconnected from taskbar before removing it? If yes, my windows don't find the tablet as external device to disconnect it.

    2. Saving the preferences file with the provided application, will allow me to load them into others computers? Even if they Have different OS but the same concept? (e.g. Win7->Vista or XP, Leopard->Lion)

    3. I founded 2 services in taskmanager, TabletServiceWacom and TabletInputService. Now the last one i don't wish to be enabled, if i disable it, it will interfere with the tablet normal use?
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