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Thread: Indesign Question

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    Question Indesign Question

    I'm searching in indesign for the option to align the number to the baseline. (Now the 3, 9 and 7 are low and the 6 is very high. It makes it very restless.)

    I new there is an option for but I can't find them.

    Maybe people van help me.
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    Junior Member maxim13 will become famous soon enough maxim13 will become famous soon enough
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    I dont know of such option but what I can tell you is that you need to change the present "Oldstyle Figures" that your numbers are in now, into "Lining Figures", and if your font is an OTF you can do that from the open type option available in the character panel. Hope this helps.

    Also you can read something about oldstyle figures here:

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    See if your font gives you alternative characters for numbers.

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    Alternatively, if the above options fail, you could select 'Baseline Shift' under the 'Character' panel and adjust accordingly, Unfortunately, you would have to do this manually--which would be impractical if there are several numbers throughout your document.

    If there are not alternate number glyphs, as suggested earlier, I would use another font, at least for number--I do this when using Schneidler, which has an odd character for question marks. Instead, I typset "?" in Guardi.

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    Some fonts do that, it looks awful. If you can't adjust to "lining figures" as stated above its best & quickest to find a similar font to use instead

    Option "B" would be to adjust the baseline height manually for each number.

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    You should look for a different font with better baseline align.

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