Hi guys i need help!!

Recently i've purchased a 2nd hand Canon IPF8000 printer.

I've moved it to my office and i can't print.

I have installed all the updated drivers and the Photoshop plugin. It's plugged to a computer via tcp/ip and configured this way:

Use DHCP : Off
Use BOOTP : Off
Use RARP : Off
Enable DNS Dynamic Update : Off
Use Zeroconf Function : On
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Gateway Address:
LPD Printing: On
IPP Printing: On
IPP Printer URI: printer
RAW Printing: On
Raw Port Number: 9100
RAW Mode Bi-direction : On
FTP Printing : On
Primary DNS Server Address:
Secondary DNS Server Address:
DNS Host Name: NB-17FB0000856AE53F
DNS Domain Name:
Multicast DNS Service Name: Canon iPF8000 (6AE53F)

I've done a ping to and all is Ok.

I send a test print from my computer to printer and it starts printing but if i send a picture or a file to print it doesn't work.

Thanks in advance!