Hey kids!
I do not know how I have never stumbled into this forum before! I feel like I have been reborn. I run a small vinyl focused print operation. Have numerous machines and am always ripping something apart and converting/modding/retrofitting/...breaking! Look forward to some bizarre antics!

Current equipment.
Mac Pro 2x2.8ghz quad core w/10g ram running 10.7.3
Roland GX-24
Custom 30" plotter based on a creation p cut modified to cut magnetic material.
30" plotter with optical registration (new to me, possibly going to mess with converting it over to a co2 laser.
Mutoh Falcon 48" completely rebuilt.
Roland ColorCamm pc-60 90% up and running.
Epson photo 10600 working on converting to run sepiax inks
25" gbc laminator

Currently using flexi 8 via a vmware which i hope to change soon ;)