Hi everyone

I'm a fine art photographer and printer and use the forum to learn a bit more about colour management for printers. I use an Epson 4900 and i1 Pro and have been experimenting for the past month with different papers and profiles to gain the optimum quality. My work isn't just about the quality of the print but if you can get the best out of your equipment easily then it frees you up as an artist to produce whatever you desire. At the moment I use Bill Atkinson's profile targets scanned with an i1 pro in Measuretool and then save the reference data and use iMatch to produce the profile, altering the config file to gain profiles with LOGO Colorful, LOGO Chroma Plus and LOGO Classic perceptual gamut mapping options and then use whichever looks best in softproof for the final print.

Hope to find more useful information on this board!