:Energy Elite Pro
:Energy Elite Pro* is Agfa Graphics’ next generation thermal no-bake plate; developed to provide consistent quality printing with high productivity, lower chemistry consumption, and higher run lengths, also with UV inks.
Key benefits

Eliminate the need to bake
Durable performance thanks to the double-layer technology ensuring durability on-press as well as good chemical/solvent resistance.
:Energy Elite Pro applies for high quality imaging and printing
Long run, no-bake thermal plate: :Energy Elite Pro gives a robust, dependable press performance under a wide range of aggressive press conditions, without the need to post-bake. With Energy Elite Pro, AGFA continues to improve the ecological footprint of its offering. With the elimination of the pre-heat and post-bake requirements of the 1st Generation thermal plates, combined with a reduced chemistry consumption, :Energy Elite Pro significantly reduces costs and energy consumption.
This robust plate will perform with predictable consistency across a range of different press conditions. :Energy Elite Pro tolerates substantial variations in exposure and processing with minimal effect on the final print.
Typical run lengths up to 400,000 at unbaked commercial web users . Baking increases this run length by 50 – 100%. Under UV printing conditions the unbaked :Energy Elite Pro achieves up to 150,000 copies.
Compared to :Energy Elite, :Energy Elite Pro offers: - speed increase of 20% (depending on plate setter) - Improved run length for UV inks - Lower chemistry use (-20%)