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Thread: Choosing the monitor

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    Question Choosing the monitor

    Hello to everyone.

    Just joined this forum because I have some problem choosing the right monitor because a lot of opinions on the Internet can't make the right decision.
    People complain about monitors dirty screen look / grainy and sparkles even on high end monitors.

    My best option in my country is the DELL monitors due to their cost is somewhat the same as in the USA otherwise for the EIZO and the NEC monitors I can't get them here maybe NEC but I need to order it and need to wait for some unreal pricing of the monitor because none here actually buy this high end monitors but If the DELL is really that bad I would have to somehow get NEC.
    Because I want to buy 2 monitors U2711 x 2 costs same as one NEC monitor and that's due to quality control of their products.

    My question and only concern are the 2 following things

    1. Is that the AG Coating is it really that exposed or you can actually only "see" it only when there is sun coming and how bad is that Dirty screen look that even NEC and EIZO seem to have it.

    2. How is the text readability due to the small dot pitch.

    This is a customer review for the 30 inch monitor from the Dell.
    I have read alot of reviews about this monitor and about how people hate the anti-glare coating. It looks like people don't understand what that is designed to do. If you are in a room with glare and you have a monitor with a anti-glare coating instead of seeing the glare you see its dissipated effect and the sparkle on the screen. What this means is you need to adjust the lighting or turn the monitor so that the glare is gone. YOU CAN NOT SEE the anti-glare coating when there is no glare in the room reflecting off the screen.

    If this is true then I don't got problems with the monitor since I can control the light in my room
    I've been banging my head with this issue for a while now and after a lot of time spent reading countless reviews and people whining on the Internet I decided to ask some people who actually have this monitor or know how the monitor actually behaves on daily work flows since I spend more than 8-10 hours per day in front of the PC.

    Some Notes
    I sit 75-80 cm from the monitor also I've read somewhere that
    I spend more than 10-14 hours per day in front of the computer.

    I use the computer for :
    Web Design
    Graphic design
    Photography and Video

    For the calibration I think I would go with the I1Display Pro if anyone has any better choice for that one please also say :)

    Hopefully some of the cool peeps here will help ! :)

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    eizo ColorEdge series is good but too expensive.
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    IMHO, the Eizo CGs are worth it - they last many years which should be also considered when thinking about such a serious investment.

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    NEC had best CP

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    You may have noticed by now that all monitors are an excercise in Marketing.

    By this I mean that the Dell monitors you are discussing are Panel for Panel identical to there Hewlett Packard counterparts. (the only difference is the controller boards and on occaision light sources).

    The 27" panel is the same one you will find in an Imac.

    For my money go with an HP Lp 2475 or bigger. The most important thing beyond your eye site, is how much of the color gamut it will display.

    Ive used the 30" monitor and can recommend it. Ive used the 27" however only in Imacs (Apple obviously tampers with the contrast etc) by placing glass over the front.

    Best advice is to take a file you know well. Check the color against it.

    Regards Epoch

    Oh one last thing check the warrenty and support side of things, Monitors of this quality will last longer than you pc or mac.

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    look here



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    Quote Originally Posted by bmanc View Post
    look here


    great info

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