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Thread: Charging the Customer...

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    Charging the Customer...

    Sales department takes in a job that is supposedly "print ready," say a PDF or other file, and quotes accordingly.

    The file comes in, and it is full of errors: RGB instead of spot colors, embedded uneditable graphics, etc.

    I kick back the job to sales, letting them know that the file needs work and the price needs to be adjusted. Sales says just fix the file, no charge.

    How many of you 1) just fix the file if you can, even if it takes 2 hours, or 2) reject the job because the customer is in effect trying to get you to do free design work?

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    1) Identify PDf problems
    2) Tell sales what can you do and how time you take.
    3) Sales will tell you thats a free service
    4) If PDF came from Adobe Indesign or Ilustrator import them to indesign and make a new PDF exporting. Convert to CMYK (including RGB and/or spot colors) using a modified GWG.org app export profile
    5) If PDF came from CorelDraw... a lot of pray and pitstop, nothing more can be done.

    Kick back the job to sales, is a every one dreams... kick the sales butt it´s a dream too
    Yes, the customer is always trying to get you to do free design work

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    most of the time you end up to finish the work, because you want to invoice the client as soon as possible...

    I guess it all depends how bad the clients needs us/you. If you are the only one in your branch (we are not, unfortunately) and have many submissions, great, you can afford to reject incomplete submissions, but otherwise it is probably 99% that we do it for our clients, as it is much faster and we don't complicate the lives of our clients... Most of the time they don't even know what we did and the appreciation is shown when they send their files to other companies (to check for alternative offer, etc.) that will charge for such incomplete submission and have higher offer than ours. And that is the time such clients are coming back. Usually it is just 10 minutes work or not even that...

    So, no, for us this is not too much work to keep the client at the end... Not in these times.

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    You can afford to adjust the price! Out here when we say a price, we get the files and work triple on them, we cannot afford to go back to the customer and say "we had to work a lot more". They will get angry and...throw things at us. So for the sake of us and our machines, we shut the f**k up and do the job, but know that next time we do not get fooled anymore!

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    Your job nature was not bad and difficult.Keep this in mind that when you have no good job then you do not have option to decide that either the job is tough or bad for you or not.
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