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Thread: Brand Guideline?

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    Brand Guideline?

    How do you guys create brand guideline or manual?
    Using Indesign or Illustrator? I used to only use Indesign but in Indesign, it's kinda odd when I place vector graphics on my document and resize it.

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    With anything design - less is more. I try to treat brand guidelines as a resume - not more than one page. Generally I'll lay them out in Illustrator. Also try to streamline the printed version with the web version, because the web version will be used quite a bit more (and more accurately - thoughts?) than the printed version.

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    Im not sure Ive ever worked on a brand job that could get the guidelines down to a single sheet...
    It depends on the client I suppose but online brand management portals are only really common for larger businesses, who would generally appreciate a nice set of printed guidelines as well. They like to see a nice chunky document all about how great their brand is. Its important to lay it out as more than just a technical document. Use a bit of inspirational layout to demonstrate how amazing the system is.

    The Barbican guidelines were always great, and their recent refresh is available online as a pdf so you can see what a good guideline document looks like.

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