Azura CX 85 - CX 125 COU
Following customer demands from all over the world, Agfa introduces :Azura CX 85 and :Azura CX 125. Both units bring the Thermofuse offering on a new level, and offer the well known :Azura benefits now in high-end demanding applications. Both units are specially designed for :Azura TS plates allowing widths up to 85 and 125 cm. The clean-out of the Thermofuse non-image area is d with gum in combination with mechanical brushing. The water based gum circulates in cascade loop with shallow trays. This increases the clean out efficiency and results in a reduced gum consumption (20 ml/m²). This concept also enables a longer bath life autonomy of up to 7000 m² and a yearly plate consumption of up to 40.000 m².