:Aspire is an advanced violet sensitive, photopolymer plate for commercial printers. It offers high sensitivity for maximum platesetter productivity and will give high resolution imaging as well as dependable press performance and durability.
Outstanding press performance

:Aspire combines fast, accurate and wide-latitude plate exposure with simple processing and robustness. The highlight dots are durable and tough enough to give a high-quality press performance even on the longest press runs. Run length depends on press conditions and job content, but :Aspire is rated for runs of up to 300k under normal conditions and up to 100K for UV conditions. Baking will further improve run length by up to 100%.
Proven Plate Processing

:Aspire is compatible with all major photopolymer plate processors as well as Agfa Graphics' industry-leading VPP and VXP processors. The plate uses the standard pre-heat and prewash followed by the normal development, wash and gum procedure. :Aspire uses Agfa Graphics' proven PL10 chemistry for image development.
Advanced Substrate Technology

:Aspires uses Agfa Graphics' proven grained and anodised aluminum substrate technology to give the best possible press performance, durability and press latitude. Agfa Graphics' advanced electrochemical graining and anodising give the reliability and robustness needed by a modern pressroom.