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Thread: 3d printing thoughts

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    3d printing thoughts

    hey all, just purchased a 3d printer and was wondering if anyone else on the forum has too? I am primarily a graphic designer, but the thought of being able to tinker and make anything that came to mind was a revelation.

    if you do have a printer which one do you have and what do you model on?

    Im using an Up mini and i model on tinkercad.

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    We have an objet and typically do designs in solid works. It is really intended for small offices and not so much personal use but the resolution is really nice. If you are looking for cheap tools I believe Rhino is still free on Mac and it is powerful.

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    My husband designs tires using an Objet Connex 350. Models in Geometryworks and SolidWorks. It's pretty cool tech.

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