DwellClick is the app that clicks for you. You point, it clicks . Point at windows and resize areas to move and resize windows automatically. Click using hotkeys and with the pop-up panel . Do more by doing less. It's stress-free mousing.

Auto click. Click by just pointing the mouse.
Move and resize. Automatically grab windows and resizable areas.
Pop-up panel. Choose from double click, drag and Control-click.
Handsfree. Floating control panel, designed for head-tracker users. (New in v2.1)
Audio and visual feedback. Subtle animation and sounds confirm your actions.
Drag like a Jedi. Just move the mouse when DwellClick clicks, to turn it into a drag.
Click with the keyboard. Set your own hotkey for each type of click.
Modifier key lock. Tap ?, ?, ? or ? to set that modifier for the next click.

Requires a Mac with OS X 10.6 or 10.7
Works with any standard mouse or trackpad, including multi-touch trackpads, Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse. Also supports head-trackers, joysticks, trackballs, graphics tablets and pretty much any pointing device.