Create exact duplicates of your hard drive, Apple iPod, or Mac OS X startup drive. CopyCatX is the fastest way to duplicate devices in most formats on your Apple computer. The fastest software duplication system for Mac OS X. CopyCatX is extremely fast. It works on drives that other systems cannot recover by using our proprietary resumable/fault tolerant algorithms.

Backups include every single detail of the original including permissions, icons, placement, and content.
Duplicate your boot drive.
Lightning fast backup and restore.
Automatic block matching for damaged media (such as scratched data CDs or physically damaged hard drives).

Blessed is the pessimist – for they have a backup

CopyCatX is an extremely powerful Macintosh application for data backup, recovery and restoration in Mac OS X. The software is designed to be able to:
Backup and restore a volume.
Duplicate a device or volume to a disk image or other devices.
Recover to an image the contents of a faulty device or media.

CopyCatX is device and file system independent application, which means that the user can create disk images from any normal Mac OS hard drive, Windows or Linux device. It can also recover data from a faulty device or scratched CD, and almost any other media or file system that can be recognized in Mac OS X.

Despite its advanced features and high-performance, CopyCatX is very straightforward to handle. The easy-to-use interface is designed with any level of OS X user in mind and is highly accessible to all with, at its core, the entire application being designed to be able to complete any task within just a few clicks.

Built for your OS X 10.7 Lion, 10.6 Snow Leopard, or 10.5 Apple Mac Computer.

New In Version 5.1
Full Mac OS X 10.7 Lion compatibility
Copy speed optimization
Code optimizations
Foreign language updates
Various performance and bug fixes