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Thread: Re: the free font problem

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    Re: the free font problem

    So, as a relatively new member, I feel the need to point something out:

    The primary cause of the shitstorm of free fonts posted is the fact that people are restricting downloads to people who have posted X number threads.

    If the downloads weren't restricted, you would still have the problem of lots and lots of moochers (which is going to happen, 1 way or another), and that may strike those of us who are posting fonts we actually paid for as highly annoying -- BUT IT WOULD ALMOST IMMEDIATELY KILL THE FREE FONT GLUT, because there would be no motivation for people to post free fonts.

    Restricting the downloads to only members with higher and higher numbers of posts is actually compounding the problem. I will use myself as an example: my budget for purchasing fonts is not large, but I do manage it occasionally. I've posted my recent purchases, which are some excellent fonts. I even bought some that had been requested, because they were on serious sale and I liked them, and turned around and shared them.

    But I find myself wishing that I had posted the four weights of Nanami Rounded I shared as separate threads, obnoxious as that would be, because now I've encountered a thread that is requiring THIRTY posts under my belt to display the download links. So if I want those links, I now find myself in the position of having to dig up stuff to post that I doubt any of you are actually looking for. I can certainly do it, and avoid free fonts; I won't post crappy stuff, because that's annoying.

    But were any of you really looking for Adobe Giddyup? You probably weren't. But it's a commercial font, and I have it, and I haven't seen it here recently. In twenty years of designing, I've used it exactly once. Most of you probably already have it, too. But I have to get to thirty posts somehow, so post it I may.

    Okay, I probably won't stoop that low. But my point stands: it is the restrictions requiring high numbers of posts to access download links that are resulting in the tiresome flood of free fonts. If the restrictions weren't there, or were at least kept down to a reasonably small number, the glut of crap would probably cease pretty abruptly, or at least dramatically diminish.

    SIDE NOTE: why does the forum keep deleting the letters o n e from my post when they appear together, either as a word or as part of a word? I keep editing, trying to fix it, but have ended up rewriting the sentences in question to avoid it or substituting the number 1. Very weird.
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