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Thread: Paper Engineering& Pop-upsFORDUMmIES

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    Paper Engineering& Pop-upsFORDUMmIES

    Paper Engineering& Pop-upsFORDUMmIES PDF format


    Don’t let paper fool you — it isn’t just for drawing and writing. Paper is flexible and easy to cut, and it can be surprisingly strong when you fold it. Those qualities make paper a great building material for all kinds of art projects. And yes, you can still decorate the surface of your paper projects, even though a lot of them look good in white.Paper engineering and making pop-ups are hobbies that any can take part in — from schoolchildren to retired people, from the businessman who wants a relaxing, creative proj-ect to work on in the evenings to the schoolteacher who wants a hobby she can share with her pupils. The skills are easy to pick up, and the tools you need are inexpensive and easy to get hold of.Using some simple techniques, you can express your creative side by making these delight-ful paper creations, and when you’re d, you have the pleasure of sharing the fruits of your creativity with your family and friends. Building on these skills, you can soon have the ability to design and make your own pop-up and paper-engineering projects.About This BookMy aim in writing this book is to share my love of paper engineering with you and to show you just how easy and rewarding it is to take up this fascinating pastime. Although I tell you how to add color and embellishments to your projects, the focus is on putting paper together in creative ways. This book introduces all the major aspects of paper engineering, including making simple pop-up cards, designing storybooks using pop-ups, and making ani-mated paper models. You can find info on basic concepts and techniques, along with com-plete projects with step-by-step instructions. I also discuss the design process itself, from seeking inspiration and getting your ideas down on paper to making the transition from sketch to completed model.This book offers you, the beginning paper engineer, a chance to get your feet wet. I intro-duce many different types of paper engineering and present basic projects for most types. As you become more familiar and comfortable with working with paper, you may want to try more advanced and different types of projects. I suggest you look on the Web and at other books for inspiration. You can read this book from start to finish, but you don’t have to. I designed Paper Engineering & Pop-ups For Dummies so you can start with whatever project or technique interests you most. If you need extra information, just follow the cross-references.
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