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Thread: Just to straighten things

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    Just to straighten things

    I've read some "winks" about the mixturecloud link i've posted, and here's the deal:
    - I hadn't realized mixturecloud could at given times suggest a user to become premium in order to d/l a file, i usually get a "download now" button when i click their links, and at tops i have to wait 50 secs for it to start. I don't know if that's IP related, but i also have been given (only once) the "Become Premium" button, i've clicked on it, chose the register as "Basic . 0€/month", logged in to my free account and downloaded the file.
    So, at least for me the downloads work just fine, and their free service is quite handy as they offer 30Gb of cloud storage.
    As for the accusation that i'm using their affiliation prog or any other prog to promote myself, i want to make it clear that i'm not in their affiliated prog and it doesn't work like that, if you want to "score" like that you'll have to post-advertise their service (meaningly post referral register links, NOT links to files you store, you don't profit anything with the files ppl d/l from your account). I encourage any to register for free and prove what i write for yourselves.
    Nevetheless, i'll try to avoid posting links to m.c. files without mirrors in the future.
    Sorry for any inconvenience.


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