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Thread: Font Creator v6.0 Professional

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    Font Creator v6.0 Professional

    I can't post in software section(less than 20 posts), so I am posting here instead.
    [Software INFO:]

    FontCreator - the most popular font editor
    This professional font editor allows you to create and edit TrueType and OpenType fonts. It has the powerful drawing tools that typographers and graphic designers require, and an intuitive interface that allows beginners to become productive immediately.
    When you create or open a font, FontCreator displays an overview of all available characters. You can simply add missing characters, or select an existing character, and modify its appearance. You can import (scanned) images of your signature or company logo, or make a font from your own handwriting. With FontCreator you can also fix character mappings, font names, kerning pairs, and at all times you can preview your fonts before installing.
    In the Professional Edition, font validation features enable you to improve the quality of your fonts. Tools to join contours simplify and speed up the glyph design process. Powerful transformation scripts let you create hundreds of additional characters in seconds. FontCreator's intelligent generation of composites, allows you to automatically generate outlines for more than 2,200 characters.
    Whether you're a type designer or graphic artist who needs a font creation powerhouse, or a hobbyist who wants to have fun creating new fonts, FontCreator has the tools you need.

    Key Features

    * Create and edit TrueType and OpenType fonts
    * Redesign existing characters
    * Add missing characters
    * Convert images (e.g. a signature, logo or handwriting) to character outlines
    * Edit and regenerate font names
    * Fix character mappings
    * Correct fonts that display incorrectly
    * Generate, modify, import, export, and clean up kerning pairs
    * Add or correct over two thousand composite glyphs
    * Transform individual glyphs or an entire font (e.g. to make a bold version)
    * Extract TrueType fonts from TrueType Collections
    * Preview fonts before installing
    * Install fonts in Windows

    System Requirements
    Created for Windows

    * Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, NT, Me, 98 or 95
    * 24 MB of free disk space


    Step 1: unpack rar archive
    Step 2: run installer Font Creator v6.0 Professional.exe


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