Adobe InCopy CS5.5 v. DVD | 916 MB

You can quickly create multiple versions of a document based on the source file, Adobe InCopy CS5.5. Create a book for teachers / students, multilingual publishing, and much more, creating conditions and applying them to text to hide content without using layers.

- Editing tables in browse mode "material" and "Galley"
Edit your table content directly in the text layout in preview mode "Galley" and "material" that allows you to fix the location of the text without impacting table design.

- Tracking changes in the tables
Speed ??up document reviews with the ability to track changes in tables. View changes the contents of a table in the document InCopy CS5.5, without making hard copies.

- Built-in editorial notes in tables
Facilitate collaboration on the contents of the table by storing additional text messages exchanged between a writer and editor, as well as other comments and notes relating to specific text in the table. You can easily add, delete, hide and show notes, as well as switch between them.

- Support for cross-referencing
Simplify writing and drafting long documents by creating cross-references are updated when you change or move the contents of the document within Adobe InDesign.

- Supports rotation reversal
Simplify your editing with support for non-horizontal rotation of the contents of a turn by 90 °. Function of rotation reversal, which was introduced in InDesign CS5.1, and maintained in InCopy CS5.5.

- Easily create hyperlinks
Create compelling interactive documents with hyperlinks to jump to an external URL-addresses or files, to move to another page, etc. Quickly convert text to hyperlinks and test them directly in the document, InCopy CS5.5.

- Configurable panel "Links"
Use a custom panel "Links" with a new design for searching, sorting, control and organize all the files placed in a collection of documents and InCopy CS5.5, including associated files InCopy. For more information, click the thumbnail files.

- Create a single-turn
Create documents that include single-page spreads for greater time savings and flexibility when composing and editing content.

- Using Adobe ConnectNow
Open Share your screen and collaborate in real time with team members through Adobe ConnectNow, wherever they are. It is possible to work across platforms and invite up to two guests to work together online using Adobe ConnectNow service through InCopy.

Image size: 916 MB (981,042,432 bytes)
MD5-sum image: a657a1384af6343b0579ca67f048b71a
SHA1-sum image: f435f152860935e33074811317773c4ec0b570e2

List of changes:

What changed me:
- From the original ESD-distribution, containing Russian language removed all other languages.
- The distribution in addition to the Russian language is added in a single installer english version of the product.
- The distribution is integrated with an update for Adobe InCopy to version
- The distribution is integrated with an update to Adobe Camera Raw to version 6.5.067.
- The distribution is integrated with an update for Adobe Extension Manager to version
- The distribution is integrated with Adobe Air update to version
- The distribution is integrated with an update to Adobe Community Help to version 3.5.023.
- By kutsemu installer ESD-version added a menu similar to the Box-version. Made it in the image of the same menu for InCopy CS4.
- In the folder there is a Crack keygen patch, which allows to register Adobe InCopy CS5.5. Plus, there is an alternative method of activation, based on the substitution of the original files for patched.

Treatment procedure:

Instructions on how to activate:
1. Run the patch the crack (as administrator) and click Patch Hosts File.
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3. Install the program using the previously generated key.
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1. Install the trial version of the program.
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System requirements:
- Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64
- Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack SP2 (recommended package SP3); Windows Vista Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise with SP1 or Windows 7
- 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
- 1.3 GB free hard disk space for installation, additional free space required during installation (can not install on removable flash storage devices)
- Screen resolution of 1024x768 (recommended 1280x800) with 16-bit video card
- DVD-ROM drive
- Software Adobe Flash Player 10 for export SWF files
- Broadband Internet connection required for online services and test Subscription Edition (optional) on a permanent basis