Wondershare PowerSuite Golden 2012

Wondershare PowerSuite Golden 2012 - Slow PC? Crashed again? Here's the complete solution! The Ultimate Solution!

Wondershare PowerSuite Golden 2012, the ultimate combination of WinSuite 2012 and LiveBoot 2012, provides you with a complete Windows solution to free you from a slow computer, black/blue screen, computer crashes, system errors, data/password loss, etc. To prevent future crashes, etc., perform a 360° PC health check as daily maintenance for your computer, erase your "footprints" on Windows or online to protect your privacy, get back your Windows & Office product keys for re-installation, manage your disk to make full use of it, clone your system for backup, and more. No hassles!

Main Features of PowerSuite Golden 2012
- Bootable CD/USB - Boot up any crashed computer with bootable CD/USB. Rescue Windows & hard drive - Rescue crashed Windows or hard drive rapidly and effortlessly.
- Computer Clean & Tuneup - Optimize & speedup your PC in 1 click with 360° computer health check performance
- Data Recovery - Recover lots of lost, deleted, formatted or corrupted files from different kinds of devices, including computer, USB flash drive, mobile phone, digital camera, external hard drive, memory card, iPod and other storage media.
- Password & Key Finder/Reset - Get back passwords for your Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail, etc. when you forget them, as well as reclaim your Office & Windows product keys after reinstalling them. Also, reset administrator’s or user’s password.
- Disk Manager - Disk management solutions for partition/disk cloning, partition/disk wipe, partition management, and more.
- Privacy & Security - Erase "footprints" on Windows and online, as well as encrypt or shred files to protect your privacy and ensure data security.

Boot up Any Computer with a Bootable CD/USB
- Boot up any desktop or laptop when you can't enter Windows, your computer crashes, or you just want to work under the safer boot environment.
- Boot up your computer by inserting the boot CD to your CD drive, or inserting the bootable USB, and then restart your computer.
- Features the latest WinPE 3.0 technology, guaranteed 100% hardware compatibility.

Rapidly Rescue any Crashed Computer or Hard Drive
- Boot up computer even if it is infected by virus.
- Fast system recovery from crashes such as bluescreen or blackscreen.
- Fix booting problems, random crashes and missing files crash such as 'ntldr is missing', 'bootmgr is missing', etc.
- Repair partition table, corrupt registry, registry key value, crashed MBR even infected by virus.
- 1 click to recover system files such as boot sector recovery.
- Rescue Windows 7/Vista/XP/2003/2000/NT/HOME/ME/98.

Check, Speed up & Optimize Your Computer
- 1-click PC Health Check: Provide professional suggestions about optimization of your system performance according to the result of 360° scanning on your PC.
- Windows Speedup: Speedup your PC by optimizing Windows startup applications, Windows service applications and Internet items.
- Windows Cleanup: Erase footprints on your computer and online to protect your privacy; remove unused plug-ins, uninstall stubborn programs and clean junk files to make your computer faster; scan and clean useless registry on your computer.

Restore All Lost Data with Ease
- Recover almost all kinds of Files: Recover photos, videos, documents, audio files, archives and Emails easily; You can preview photos, some videos and audio files, documents and emails before recovery.
- Support Different Data Loss Situations: Recover data lost due to “Shift + Delete” deletion or Recycle Bin cleaning, as well as partition corruption or formatting.
- Fully Compatible with Various Devices: Reclaim files lost from computer, USB flash drive, mobile phone, digital camera, external hard drive, memory card, MP3/MP4 player, iPod and other storage media.

Clone Your Entire Hard Drive and Partitions
- Clone entire hard drive or partitions to an internal or external disk.
- Every hard drive cloned with PowerSuite Golden 2012 will be bootable.
- Support all Windows versions, IDE, SATA, SCSI, USB, FireWire, and more.

Partition, Format and Clean Your Disk
- Provide perfect partition management - create, delete, resize, format, hide, etc.
- Flexible enough to clone a partition or entire hard drive to an internal or external disk.
- Recover your MBR (Master Boot Record), rebuild the lost partition table, and surface scan to check for bad sectors.
- Deep clean your entire hard drive or partition with 1-click.

Get Back Passwords & Keys
- Password Finder: Reclaim passwords for your Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, MSN, Windows Live, IE AutoComplete, Windows auto logon, dial-up and more.
- Windows Key Finder: Retrieve keys and IDs for your Windows products.
- Office Key Finder: Restore registration keys for Office 2010, 2007, 2003, XP and 2000.
- Password Reset: Reset administrator’s or user’s password when you forget them.

High Security of Privacy & Vital Data Protection
- Personal Safe: You can create a “personal safe” folder on your computer which is only for you to store and access person stuff.
- Privacy Cleaner: Delete all footprints of your browser, your program activity records, online Internet tracks, start menu, as well as recent documents and records, etc.
- File Shredder & Encryption: Encrypt and shred your personal files to avoid unauthorized accessing or recovery.

Wipe entire hard drive or partition
- Have a fresh start when you want to reinstall Windows.
- Kill virus when your computer is infected with boot sector virus.
- Speed up your hard drive when you want to clean an old hard drive.
- Prevent your data and files from being recovered by any data recovery software after you've donated or sold your computer.

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