Visual Paradigm Suite 5.0 (Visual Paradigm for UML 8.0 Enterprise Edition)
English | Visual Paradigm Suite 5.0 (Visual Paradigm for UML 8.0 Enterprise Edition) | 670 MB

Visual Paradigm for UML - a professional tool to work with UML, which supports the full cycle of the program - object-oriented analysis, object-oriented design, construction, testing and development.
UML modeling program helps you create high-quality applications faster, better and at lower cost. You can plot all types of class diagrams, viewed in reverse code, generate code from diagrams and generate documentation. UML CASE tool also provides you with a convenient guide UML, UML interactive demonstrations and UML projects.

Feature list:
- Support UML version 2.1.
- Diagram of the business workflow.
- Bookmarks.
- Easy function selection.
- Transactions with the command line.
- User interface designer.
- Reverse Engineering Java.
- Reverse engineering for Java, C + +, XML Schema, XML,. NET exe / dll, CORBA IDL, XML schemas and Python code.
- Generating code - model to code, diagram to code.
- Editor to use the register - all in a single infrastructure for specific details including general model specification and use the description of the register.
- EJB Diagram - EJB visualization systems.
- Generating EJB code.
- Diagram of the data flow.
- Support for ORM - generate Java objects from database.
- Generating database are - ERD to database table.
- Contact database - existing DBMS to ERD.
- Related modeling VP Teamwork Server, CVS and Subversion.
- Report generator for generating documentation.
- Automatically layers chart.
- Import / export XMI file.
- Import Telelogic Rhapsody project file.
- Support for stored procedures and database triggers.
- Export diagrams to JPG, PNG, SVG, EMF, PDF.
- Form Editor.
- And much more.

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