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Thread: Vector Magic Desktop Edition

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    Vector Magic Desktop Edition

    I had already posted this in the wrong section D'oh!

    This is a great bit of software for converting bitmaps to vectors, alot more accurate than coreltrace.

    What are the benefits of using Vector Magic?

    Vector Magic saves you time and frustration, while giving you better results than the alternatives.
    • No more tedious hand-tracing. Hand tracing can take hours, and it can be costly to hire a professional to recreate the image. Why not let Vector Magic do the work, saving you time and money?
    • Better accuracy. If you compare results from other tools side-by-side with those from Vector Magic, you will notice that Vector Magic produces vectors that more closely resemble the input image. Finer details in the shapes are recovered, and the curves are more faithful to the bitmap original.
    • Less cleanup required. Vector Magic's results are cleaner, while still extracting more detail from the bitmap original. Normally you'd have to spend a lot of time cleaning up the output from an auto-tracer - with Vector Magic you can oftentimes use the result right away, and if it requires cleanup then it's usually much less than what's required for the results from the competing tools.
    • Easier user interface with less trial-and-error. If you've used other tracing tools, you have probably noticed that they have tons of confusing options and settings, and require you to more or less randomly try different combinations of these in the frustrating search for a passable result.
    • With Vector Magic on the other hand, the conversion options are all automatically selected for you. There's even an "Improve Result" feature to help you tweak the result if you'd like.
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