Tracker Software PDF-XChange 2012 Pro 5.0.273

Here's the professional PDF creation software from Tracker Software, this is for both 32, 64-bit versions on Windows.

PDF-XChange PRO 2012 - The Worlds best general purpose PDF creation and manipulation Tool just got better! PDF-XChange PRO 2012 offers all the features of the PDF-XChange Standard 2012 version PDF writer and comes bundled with our flexible and extensive all purpose tool for PDF creation and modification - PDF-Tools.

# World leading compression and optimization technology
# Includes PDF-XChange Viewer PRO and PDF-Tools PDF wizard application
# Create new PDF files from the output of any Windows application
# Complete Control over PDF creation properties
# Batched & "Watched" Folder Conversion to PDF of MS Office documents
# ISO PDF/A 1b format support for guaranteed long term archive standards support
# Create Interactive Adobe AcroForms (using converted MS Word Web forms via Toolbar Add-in)
# Document Security - Password Protection &Permission options
# Optimization/Compression Controls
# Advanced Memory Management
# Convert Image files to PDF (Raster/Metafile Imgae Formats)
# Convert PDF to Image Formats (Raster Formats only - BMP, JPEG, TIFF, etc.)
# Append/Prepend Pages from one PDF file into another PDF file
# Comprehensive Job Management Features
# Extended functionality provided for MS Office integration - via the Toolbar Add-in
# Scan Direct to PDF
# Convert Images and Text to PDF without the use of third-party applications
# Manipulate and Modify Exisiting PDF files
# Extract Content from PDF to Text/Image/PDF formats
# Add/Edit/Modify Bookmarks
# Convert PDF to .DOC & .RTF (no OCR capabilities)
# Extract PDF pages to a new PDF file
# Split/Merge PDF files
# Delete/Crop/Rotate PDF pages
# Re-Order Pages within a PDF file
# Paper Settings & Custom Forms options
# Control Resolution/Scaling
# Mirrored Printing support
# Include 'clickable" URL links - literal (eg. & mailto:[email protected])
# Include 'clickable' URL links - embedded (eg. Click Here & Send Email)
# Convert MS Office Table of Contents(TOC) 'Clickable' links to PDF
# n-UP Printing mode - automatically mounts and rescales pages to a single page and calculates correct page positions etc.
# Enhanced visual layout previewer allow you to resize pages via the printer preferences
# Brochure/Booklet Mode print output
# Flexible DPI output options 50 - 2400DPI available
# CJK fonts/character set support
# Add Watermarks or Overlay PDF pages to new PDF output - ideal for Company Stationery use.
# Auto Bookmark generation
# Auto Header/Footer generation
# Graphics Downsampling options(Linear, Bilinear, Bicubic) also Colour ->Grayscale->Mono options
# Extended Font embedding options
# Profiles - create specific printer preferences and save to Profiles for future use.
# MAPI/SMTP Automated Email integration options
# Developers API available(subject to licensing)
# Multi-language UI support

Tracker Software PDF-XChange 2012 Pro 5.0.273 Multilingual + Key : 65.69 MB
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Only the registered members can see the download links/content. pleaseĀ Register to gain full access.