Texture Painting - Weathered Surfaces
Photorealistic Texturing with Paul Campion

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Genre: eLearning

Objects created using 3D computer graphics have a tendency to appear too perfect and therefore slightly unrealistic. To create more natural textures, it is necessary to be able to observe and understand how real world objects become worn and dirty with age. This DVD focuses on how the understanding and use of aging, and "wear and tear" on an object can help add realism to your textures. Paul demonstrates how different surface materials can be simulated using simple color, bump, specular, reflection and transparency maps. These principles are illustrated by the texturing of a rustic lantern and weathered house using Adobe Photoshop®.

Topics Covered:

Shooting Photographic Reference
Photographing Buildings
Building Observation Skills
Understanding Different Material Surfaces
Simulating Aging, Wear & Tear
Realistic Detail Using Masks
Architectural Details & Scale
Painting Interiors
Realistic Transparency & Reflection Maps


Chapters: Disk One
Photographing the Reference
Correct Texture Map Size
Quick Textures
Painting the Color Map Part 1
Painting the Color Map Part 2
Adding Transparency
Creating Realistic Bump Maps
Specular and Reflection Maps
Studying the Map Layers

Chapters: Disk Two
Photographing Buildings
Painting the Color Map Part 1
Painting the Color Map Part 2
Painting Transparency Maps
Adding Window Detail