Teaching-you - Art Skills | 527 MB

The equivalent to year of art classes! Do you aspire to be the next Cezanne, Van Gogh or Renoir? Whether you want to make the most of your existing artistic flair, or just dabble in the arts, Teaching-you Art Skills is ideal. For both beginners and advanced artists, this complete drawing course will help you to master those essential techniques and tap into your creative talents. Using a proven educational method, learn about 5 classic art genres; portrait, still life, landscape, life drawing and nude studies using the 40 models, 650 narrated steps and 1200 drawings available. Each model is presented in a step-by-step format with helpful commentary available at all times it``s the easy way to teach yourself art! View each step in detail using the zoom feature, learn to criticise your own drawings and correct mistakes. Please note that this CD-ROM contains images of nudity.

Product Features
Rotating 3D models show the structure of each model
Video sequences cover basic techniques
Learn how to sketch quickly from memory
Perspective and simulation exercises teach fundamentals
Use the work of professionals as a source of inspiration
40 models 20 steps per model 5 subjects
40 3D images, 650 helpful tips and 30 videos
14 lessons on perspective and 800 high-resolution drawings
120 Master works, 100 interpretations and 50 student drawings.

Platform: Windows Me / XP

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