Suitcase Fusion™ 3 is the creative professional’s font manager
- Complete control over your fonts – desktop and the web
- Powerful preview technologies
- WebINK enabled for web fonts
- here when you need it, the Suitcase Fusion Coreâ„¢ runs in the background, for critical activation and deactivation
- Built using Universal Type Serverâ„¢ technology
- Available for Macintosh® or Windows®
- Reliable Auto-activation

Focus on your work, not your system. Suitcase Fusion 3 comes with professional-grade auto-activation plug-ins for critical design and publishing apps.

- Auto-activation plug-ins for Adobe® InDesign® and Illustrator® CS5/4/3, Photoshop® CS5/4 and QuarkXPress® 8/7
- Application Sets activate fonts whenever you launch selected apps.
- Automatically activates exact type faces for leading applications*
- Automatically activates fonts in linked or embedded objects*
- Automatically deactivates fonts when a document is closed*
- Uses patented Font Senseâ„¢ technology to ensure exact font matches and precise auto-activation*
- Easily control global auto-activation preferences for each application

*Available in plug-in based auto-activation only.

Powerful Interactive Previews

Suitcase Fusion 3 gives you unprecedented font preview options. Preview any text using any font. See how typefaces stack up side-by-side, even down to their individual glyphs. Tear off floating previews or take Font Snapshots to preview your fonts in action.

- Drag-and-drop preview text onto any live document with Floating Previews
- Encoding-aware previews shows all native characters in a particular font face
- Zoom Slider dynamically adjusts preview type size on-the-fly
- Glyph View lets you see all characters supported by a selected font
- Font Snapshots quickly save preview text to PNG files
- Create print sample pages of any previewed font
- View and compare any type faces side-by-side before activating
- Preview fonts in Waterfall, ABC123, Paragraph or dynamically in QuickTypeâ„¢
- Select, activate and export fonts from Preview Pane

Locate Fonts Fast

What good is a font if you can’t find it when you need it? Suitcase Fusion 3 makes it easy to locate the right font at the right time.

- QuickFind performs fast, dynamic searches as you type
- QuickMatch technology locates similar fonts fast
- Search on any metadata field (style, keywords, classifications, etc.)
- Perform fast, multi-level searches
- Automatically populates font metadata, such as style, classification and foundry

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