Stardock Start8 1.11 Final

Stardock Start8 - This program is designed to enable the classic style "Start" menu and Windows Explorer 7. It has support for skins, fully customizable interface and functionality. Provides the ability to run "Metro" as "Start" menu - not the entire screen. It allows you to regain the traditional Start menu search and application integration Modern Windows 8.

Features Stardock Start8:
Enhanced style menu "Start" Windows 7 in Windows 8
Search by Metro applications
Download directly from the desktop Windows 8
Start screen of Windows 8 (Metro) is available from the "Start"
Unified search for applications, settings, and files
Access to shut down the PC, devices, music, documents, and video in a single click
Custom Size "Start" menu
Start Screen Windows 8 is available in the "Start"
Clean user interface enhances usability Start8

Start8 will boot your computer from the Windows 8 right on the desktop and not in the new operating system interface. Start8 also allows you to attach and run applications from the store directly from the Windows Start menu.
This means that you can enjoy all the benefits of the initial screen, "eight", without sacrificing the old familiar menu.

Among other things Start8 offers:
Option to run Windows 8 home screen from the Start menu;
Quick access to shut down the computer, device, music, documents, and video;
Animation support WindowFX 5.1;
Opportunity tincture Start menu;
The ability to change the appearance of the Start button;
Automatically adjusts color to match the Start menu, taskbar.

Changes in 1.11:
Added Start8tweak.exe advanced configuration for extra options including enabling / disabling Start8 on a per account basis.
Added email category to search results.
Added support for Modern UI app closing to return to the desktop rather than the Windows 8 menu on advanced settings.
Added native support for the DisplayFusion secondary taskbar.
Added support for BMP files as start button. RGB (255,0,255) is permitted for transparency.
Added registry entry to control if hidden items should be included in the All programs list.
Added registry entry to control if the user picture should have a border or not in the default theme.
Added registry entry to control if the tree has a horizontal scroll bar.
Added support for Search the Internet button on search results via registry key.
Documents, Pictures, Music, Computer and Recorded TV places will use the name set in explorer for them if the user has renamed them.
Shutdown button menu will have an item selected when accessed via the keyboard.
Adjusted start menu sizing to prevent bottom item on the places list from being slightly clipped in certain circumstances.
Modified shutdown menu to prevent surplus separator line showing when the machine doesn't support sleep or hibernate.
Right to left language versions of Windows now show the user picture.
Right to left language versions of Windows now have icons rendered the correct direction.
Tweaked to prevent .lnk text showing in tree on occasion.
Tweaked code to better handle closing a docked Modern UI application when at the desktop when the charms bar is set to disabled.
Fixed an issue with right click on the places list
Jumplists close when you pin / unpin something / delete it
Start8 v1.11 Final.Incl.patch by PainteR / Patch-EMBRACE
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