Sozaijiten Motion Collection Vol.1,2,3,4,5,6,9
Video Motion | .MOV | 320x240 15 fps | NTSC 720x480 30 fps | 12.08 GB

Sozaijiten Motion - Scenes of the Light, Fire & Explosions Vol.1
Twinkling lights, flames, recording 70 points in a real CG Footage reproduce and grow dense smoke. Video and multimedia titles, the background of CG animation and effects ideal.

Sozaijiten Motion - Scenes of the Universe, Earth & Planets Vol.2
Spinning globe, close to the planet, recording 70 points in a real CG Footage reproduce the actual map data courtesy of NASA and the moon passes through. Also comes with a convenient composite mask data.

Sozaijiten Motion - Scenes of Noise & Composite Parts Vol.3
Fantastic noise and film texture noise is precisely reproduced, recorded 70 points a synthetic material suitable for movie titles and back screens. Suitable for CG animation and video titles.

Sozaijiten Motion - Scenes of Four Seasons And Nature Vol.4
Crawl rape fields, sunflowers grow in clusters, mystical bamboo, burning leaves and powder snow dance, a scene recorded 50 points in four seasons woven natural seasons.

Sozaijiten Motion - Scenes of Images of Light Vol.5
Quickly neon, stained glass strict Tsuyoshi, headlights flowing, light filled with sunlight filtering through trees, and diffuse the water, recording 50 points a feast of light.

Sozaijiten Motion - Scenes of the Sky & Clouds Vol.6
Sky and the cloud which show various expressions such as the evening scene which dyes to the cloud and the orange which flow to the sky which is done verdantly and the peak which smokes in purple. To include also the scene dropping image which it is easy to handle as motif, 50 point recording.

Sozaijiten Motion - Refreshing Scenery Vol.9
Footage nature, sky, grass, tree, wood, leaf, field, water, waterfall, river, lake, mountain, beach, sand, palm tree