Smith Micro Poser Pro 2012 SR3 9.0.3 Incl Plug-in & Content | 4.7 GB

Poser Pro 2012 is the fastest way for professional artists and production teams to add a pre-rigged and fully textured 3D characters to their projects. With more than 3 GB of included libraries and content rich variety of content of third party Poser, Poser Pro 2012 is the perfect link between the professional tools of production and ready-to-use 3D character assets, saving time and development resources.

Poser Pro 2012 includes an intuitive staging, animation, tools and accessories all designed to make working with 3D-nature of the content as easy as possible. Poser Pro 2012 provides a node based material system, dynamic hair, dynamic cloth, brush creating morphing pictures and those of appropriate tools Tools Auto Lipsync phmes with imported audio files and create an animation walk and run cycles. Poser Pro offers a video or still images in photo-real, or a sketch styles. Includes an updated set of PoserFusion hosting plug-ins for integration or set of animated characters and scenes Poser in 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D and Lightwave and. Import / Export of COLLADA content exchange for 3D shape game engines and other 2D and 3D tools such as Photoshop, Softimage and SketchUp

Poser Pro 2012 is optimized for 32/64 bit and multicore systems, optimizing the use of system memory and multiple threads to improve the overall efficiency and reduce rendering times, background rendering, so you can continue working on other projects. Support for OpenGL Poser Pro, takes advantage of graphics hardware to provide cad realistic lighting, shadows and colors. Queue Manager Poser Pro 2012 allows you to manage and visualize the nerk render queue to cross-platform systems.

Other new features include drag and drop multiple choice from a library of Poser, in the extended context menu, to improve workflow, new modes of the camera to focus on a selected area, pressure-sensitive tablet support in the Morph and the brush tool weight map painting. Improved content management system with drag and drop, auto line, search, support for meta-data, the display area of ??strength for figure rigging, display of parameters and the last panel, Render.

Whether to use an autonomous character animation, or as an essential tool in the production of the existing pipeline, Poser Pro 2010 is the most effective way for game designers, 3D-artists, professional illustrators, animators and graphic production team to add a 3D-animation content character to any project.

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