Serif PagePlus X5 - Create professional-quality advertising, sophisticated print designs and electronic documents with PagePlus X5, the best-in-class desktop publisher. From brochures to books, menus to magazines, flyers to forms and professional printing to PDF editing, PagePlus X5 does it all quickly and easily - like having a design agency at your desk. Wondering if you should upgrade? Serif’s team have focused on quality for this 20th-anniversary release of PagePlus – so you can enjoy higher-quality professional output, higher-quality typography and design tools and a higher-quality ‘user experience’. PagePlus X5 is faster, easier to use, and produces richer designs with more accurate professional output!

New Feature Highlights:

Pro OpenType Features
Add flair to your documents with beautiful swashes and ornaments, plus make text more readable with intelligent characters pairs and more.*

Easier Everyday Tasks
Selecting and rotating single and multiple objects is easier than ever with new hover selections, lasso selection, and a rotation handle.

Improved PDF Export
PagePlus X5’s PDFs are even more compatible with print houses and commercial presses around the world, supporting more output intents.

Interactive Print Preview
Make loads of changes in the interactive Print Preview. Change the document type without redesigning your pages and much more.

Easier Regular Printing
Everyday printouts on your office or desktop printer are easier, with a simplified Print dialog. Advanced settings are hidden until you need them.

New Smart Text Features
Add smart cross references, ‘continued on’/‘continued from’ links, variables that update throughout a document, and mixed page numbering!

Colour Management
Images will look their best in your professionally-printed designs as colour management is enhanced to support image colour profiles.

Upgrade Wizard
Get up to speed fast by importing your workspace layouts, gallery, styles, keyboard shortcuts and more from PagePlus X4.

Fantastic New Templates
A massive new range of Themed Layouts (now numbering 880!) extend the possibilities for high-quality and extremely quick results.

Get Even More Templates
Even with 1100+ included templates and free online content, you can get more industry-specific designs in the brand new Template Store.

Mix Page Orientations
Change the orientation of individual pages, making it even easier to add wide tables, charts and reports to your documents!

Easily Edit Master Pages
Quickly personalise neat layouts by promoting objects from a Master Page and edit on a normal page without affecting the rest of your design.

Import Word 2010 Files
Microsoft Word 2007 and document import is joined by support for Word 2010 files, including text, pictures, and layout.

More Memory Efficient
Create bigger, longer, richer documents, faster, with new behind-the-scenes improvements to image import and processing.

SVG Import
Import efficient Scalable Vector Graphics files. They are high quality and resize with no loss in quality, perfect for any print or web document.

Improved Drawing
Add effects and transparency to the outlines of shapes and pictures independently from the main object and even detach line from their objects.

Better Grey and Black
Greyscale images look better than ever and the colour black can be processed for richness or inking accuracy, for desktop printing or professional PDFs.

Improved Wrapping
The transparent area around images, which text can automatically wrap around, is managed more accurately for even neater documents.

Only the registered members can see the download links/content. please Register to gain full access.

Only the registered members can see the download links/content. please Register to gain full access.