Serif DrawPlus X6 ISO

Serif DrawPlus X6 is the powerful, fun and versatile designer that makes creating beautiful arrk and graphics easier than ever. Design attractive logos and documents for print, create eye-catching web graphics and banners, paint and sketch with easy tools that let you edit at any time, enhance your photos by quickly transforming them into stunning pieces of art, turn drawings into animations, and output your designs at high quality and at any size – whatever your level of experience.

Design Unleashed
DrawPlus X4 makes it easy to achieve creative results fast.

Logos & Web Graphics
Craft high impact and high quality graphics for print and the web.

Easy Animations
Create jaw-dropping Flash® Web animations and fun cartoons.

Create Stunning Arrk
Sketch and paint naturally using realistic brushes and media.

Transform Your Photos
Enhance, cut out, or transform your photos into works of art.

Some of the great new features and improvements in DrawPlus X6 include:

NEW! Native support for 64-bit computers
DrawPlus ‘Accelerated Graphics Technology now natively supports 64-bit computers for the fastest and most complete design experience yet. Note: 32-bit still supported.

NEW! Arc Tool
Drawing intricate arcs is easy! Simply drag out an arc onto a page and then customise curvature and whether your arc has a border or is inverted.

NEW! Spiral Tool
Creating impressive-looking spirals is quick and easy with this great new tool. Simply drag out a spiral onto a page and customise the number of turns and spacing between line segments. Unlike the Spiral QuickShape, the Spiral Tool creates a spiral that is composed of just single line as opposed to lines that are joined together.

NEW! Triangle Tool
A dedicated tool means that it’s quicker than ever to draw triangles. No longer do you have to laboriously select the Polygon QuickShape and adjust its sliders to reduce the number of sides.

NEW! Stencils Tab
The new Stencils Tab offers a wide selection of ready-to-go stencil templates which, when painted or sketched over, can be used to artistically embellish your designs. If you’re feeling adventurous, create your own stencils and save them as templates.

NEW! QuickFrame QuickShape
Draw ornate frames, ideal for making images stand out.

NEW! Phenakistiscope QuickShape
When cut out, spun on a stick and viewed in a mirror, a Phenakistiscope creates the illusion of animation. The Phenakistiscope Quickshape allows you to create a customisable template and populate it with drawings, frame by frame, just like an animation.

NEW! Optical stacking
Objects in your designs are now stacked optically which means, when adjusting the z-order of objects, you don’t have to scroll through all objects on the page; a huge time saver when working on large or detailed designs.

IMPROVED! Layers Tab
The Layers Tab in DrawPlus now allows individual objects on a page to be hidden from view, which makes it easier to edit specific elements of a design.

NEW Text wrapping
For the first time in DrawPlus, you can truly integrate text with objects by setting text to flow around objects and customising wrap settings.

NEW! Open images in PhotoPlus
Easily open any selected image in your document in Serif PhotoPlus or any other dedicated image editor of your choice. Once you’ve finished editing, the image updated image is automatically re-imported back into DrawPlus. Note: PhotoPlus or other image editing software required.

NEW! Generate palette from an image
Automatically generate a palette of colours from an image and save to a custom palette.

NEW! PANT GOE colours
DrawPlus X6 now supports the PANT® GOE™ colour system, providing access to more than 2000 extra colours, and perfect for obtaining colour consistency across all the media you design for.

For the first time, DrawPlus supports PDF/X-3: a PDF specification increasingly required by professional printers.
Please visit the following pages to learn more about DrawPlus X6 and see a demonstration of some of the new feature in action
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Only the registered members can see the download links/content. please Register to gain full access.